Learn Chinese characters!

Here is something to improve your character recognition skill! Type the correct pinyin in the text box, with tone number at the end, and press “OK” or just hit Enter.

You can use Learnhanzi Flashcards two ways: Logged in or Anonymous.

Logged in
If you register for an account, you can log in and work online. This means that every answer you give while practicing is stored in your individual database. This is used to serve you the characters you need to work on. It also means that you get a constant count on how many characters you have mastered. And you can get reports on your level, with a detailed description of where your difficulties are.

Know your knowledge
You will notice the difference immediately as you log in, but the real advantage comes after you have been working in the system for a while, and built up a virtual representation of your knowledge of Chinese characters. The obvious thing is that you will be able to tell how many characters you really recognize, you don’t have to guess about it. Your practice will be immensly more efficient, since Learnhanzi will always keep track of which characters you tend to miss.

There will always be an anonymus mode. Just select your level in the options dialog and hit the Start button. You will be served random characters selected for frequency and complexity corresponding to the level you have chosen.

Whether Logged in or Anonymous there are a lot of options to control your practice. Read more about the available options here!

Have fun  :)

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